Junk Male


Even though I didn’t initially choose this business, I guess you can kind of say that junk removal has always been a part of my life. I can remember as a preteen riding around with my dad on his garbage route in Evanston Illinois and working with him all summer long. After joining the military in 1992 and finishing a 3 year contract I decided to leave Chicago and move to Atlanta where I mostly worked in restaurants and learned the business of customer service, and making each of them feel like a friend.


10 years later I found myself working with a waste management company that had contracts with the city of Atlanta, Chastain Park and also Atlanta Motor Speedway. But, It was too messy for me. I didn’t like the smell of trash, and I wanted to stay clean, and I also missed that interaction with my friend, the customer.


So I became an Audio Visual technician and I learned how to make money and stay clean, and stopped calling people whom I did business with customers and started treating them as clients. So I became an Audio Visual Technician for the next 15 years, with 7 of those years being an employee and 8 as an Independent Contractor, and that is where I learned that clients aren’t only people, they’re people with businesses. My life has never been the same since, treating each person I meet as an opportunity to do business with a friend. That is what separates us from the big companies, we want to build something not built on money, but it’s built on trust and value.


So although Covid has halted one business we have been blessed to be able to pick up a calling that has been there long before I was even aware of it. And though I may still not enjoy the smell or the mess of it all, I’m building something that makes this world better, a cleaner place for my friends, my clients, and their customers.

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