Fridge removal

If you’re getting ready to get rid of your refrigerator, there are a few steps you must take to make sure that your fridge is disposed of properly:

  1. Unplug the fridge a few hours early to defrost the evaporator

  2. Make sure you remove all foods and perishable goods

  3. Tape down loose items such as shelves and compartments

  4. Disconnect the water line at the bottom of your fridge.

  5. Make sure there is a clear path from us to get the fridge out the door to the truck


Separate Junk

Keeping junk separate

WWWe know how important your things are and we would hate to throw out something that holds value for you. So before our arrival we ask that you have all junk items separate from the items that you wish to keep (if possible).

Have junk outside

Have junk already outside

One of the best clients I have sends me a message to come pick up and I don't have to wait for her schedule or her mines because she already has her items outside waiting for me. She sends me a Cash app later on that day or the next and it's a win win for both me and her. So if you can have items in the garage, or outside where I can get to them I'm sure we can work out a deal that suits us both as well.