About Us


Junk Male got it's humble beginnings during the height of the pandemic, using only a small Chevy Colorado pickup truck that was bought for $500. So while everyone was confined to their homes, Junk Male's owner started picking up scrap metal that was left out front by homeowners in Conyers, GA.

A couple of months later that same truck full of scrap metal was spotted in a Walmart parking lot by a by a woman who asked, "Do you guys pick up junk?"

 The answer was and still is, "Of course...

We pick up:

But the few things we DO NOT TAKE ARE:

Any hazardous chemicals or materials

Flammables like full gas cans or propane tanks."

Junk Male. LLCP. O. Box 4074                                                      Decatur, GA 30031

(470) 729-1063